domenica 23 maggio 2010

Foursquare dot com

FOURSQUARE is the new social network-virtual guide that's drawing the crowds in US: you can write your personal review of a particular bakery, cafeteria, clothes shop.. and share with the other networkers. It's simple and useful for people searching good and typical places all over the world.
Claire has her personal account on FOURSQUARE (, but at the moment, it is little known in Italy, specially in Florence.
We hope it will grow up in our country, because we are fed up with the same shoddy places and we'd like to discover unique shops, bars and so on.


How to use it: after joining it, you can write the place where you are currently, then you can search a place and read the other reviews, the advices of the customers and maybe you decide to try the proper product. It is almost a guarantee!

2 commenti:

  1. ma perchè scrivete in inglese? cmq chiara qual' era la cosa importante per cui mi volevi contattare? ho visto il mio blog ora dopo mesi e ho visto il tuo commento...

  2. perchè siamo internazionali
    comunque ti volevo dire che volevo fare delle foto con il tuo bellissimo Fay però ora è caldo quindi non è più tempo
    Vedi di farti sentire signorino!